Our core values guide how we interact with our customers. We work hard to meet their banking needs. We provide transparent products and services with the customers’ best interests in mind. We pride ourselves on relationship banking, because the more we understand and care for our customers personally, the better we can meet their banking needs.

Fraud Prevention

United continues to deploy advanced technologies to detect and prevent fraud. As early adopters in leveraging artificial intelligence and machine learning to uncover fraudulent activity quickly and effectively, United has systems specifically targeted to detect and prevent deposit fraud, online account takeover, elder abuse, and other emerging fraud tactics. Our systems analyze customer activity across multiple deposit channels to uncover fraudulent activity. When customers have experienced fraudulent activity, United has been very successful in helping our customers recover funds or stop the payment before it is final.

Digital Innovation

Our digital strategy and the investment plan will continue to evolve as our customers’ needs and requirements continue to change in the rapidly advancing digital landscape. We have developed a framework to prioritize critical initiatives, nimbly modifying our investments and resources as necessary to ensure we are working on the most important initiatives, with the ability to reprioritize investments and resources based on real-time data. We are committed to improving the customer experience at every interaction and will continue to promote ‘easy‐to‐use’ self‐service channels. Digital offerings also enhance the employee experience, freeing up their capacity to focus on our customers and automating processes that will increase overall efficiency with a reduced error rate.


Fair and Responsible Banking 

United Bank

United maintains formal policies, programs, and trainings to ensure credit products are made available to all applicants on a consistent and fair basis. United’s Fair and Responsible Banking Program is proactive in identifying and addressing emerging risks across the institution. The Fair and Responsible Banking team works to ensure that United’s practices across product lines are fair and responsive to all applicants and customers. This includes all relevant customer-facing employees completing fair banking and consumer protection training at least annually.

United’s diverse customer base often creates the need for customers to speak with an employee that understands their language and can interpret their financial needs and questions.

Through United’s partnership with TransPerfect, callers to United’s call center can interact with representatives in more than 170 languages, on demand. Additionally, United Bank ATMs provide services in Spanish and are ADA-accessible. United’s team also develops and implements some marketing materials and direct mail campaigns in Spanish.

United is committed to ensuring that its customers are treated fairly throughout the product lifecycle. As part of this commitment, Compliance is involved in evaluating new products or services. Compliance also collaborates with the Marketing Department to ensure United is transparent and clear in product descriptions and that marketing strategies reach historically underserved communities. The Marketing Department has a standalone Advertising Policy, incorporating fair lending objectives into its strategic plan. Marketing Department employees involved in the creation of advertisements participate in periodic training on the UBSI Advertising Policy & Procedures.

Supporting Veterans and Active-Duty Military and Their Families

United gives honor and thanks to the men and women who have given so much for this country and our communities. United has long-standing partnerships with community organizations that serve our Veterans such as Operation Welcome Home, a nonprofit job placement organization for Veterans and their families.

To further support our Veterans, United now offers a new and unique Veterans Checking account. It provides our best account features in honor and thanks to Veterans, Active-Duty Military and Military Families, with no minimum balance requirement or monthly fee. There are a number of exciting features with this account including, free debit card transactions (domestically and internationally), free personal checks, free cashier’s checks, 50% discount on any size safe deposit box, and a commemorative pin (pictured right). In 2022, customers opened 1,073 Veterans Checking accounts, bringing the total number of Veterans Checking Accounts to 4,590.

Complaint Management

A robust complaint management program provides meaningful information that helps United identify potential regulatory or reputational risks, allows United to efficiently focus resources at critical consumer issues, builds trust between United and its customers, and improves the overall consumer and customer experience. It is our practice to respond promptly and accurately to any complaint by a customer. Lines of business hold responsibility for resolving complaints, with support from Compliance as needed. Complaints are tracked in a centralized system, assigned a risk rating, and monitored by United’s Compliance team. This system helps to ensure that we are responsive and responsible in handling consumer complaints. It also ensures that intelligence gathered from consumer contacts are organized, retained, and used as part of the Bank’s overall compliance management system. The Board Risk Committee oversees the complaint management program.