Debit Cards

Debit Cards

Your United Visa® Debit Card

Debit Cards

Discover the Benefits of your United VISA® Debit Card.

Your United Visa® Debit Card delivers the advantage of worldwide acceptance at millions of locations that accept Visa cards for payment. No more check-writing hassles and you can still use it to manage your account at ATMs.  Plus, earn cashback by using your card to get the things you already buy everyday, such as coffee, dinner with friends or a new pair of shoes.

Real-Time Fraud Detection
You're protected when you use your United debit card to shop online or in-person. Using best-in-class data analysis, United Bank works 24/7 to detect, prevent and resolve suspicious card activity.

Set Up Card Alerts
Alerts are available to you so you can easily monitor your card activity via text or email notifications. Alerts can easily be managed from Online Banking and are located on the More menu, under settings.

Mobile Wallets Available for Your United Bank Debit Card
Look for Apple Pay, Google Pay or Samsung Pay signage at the payment terminal.

Activate Your United VISA® Debit Card

Call the phone number attached to your new card to get started.

When your card is activated, you can begin using it right away. Using your United VISA® Debit Card is an easy, safe and convenient way to make your everyday purchases.

Contactless Debit Card

You can now tap to pay for fast, easy and secure checkouts with your contactless United Bank debit card. Your contactless United Bank debit card has the same protection as a chip card, so it’s a secure way to pay

  1. Look for the contactless symbol at checkout.
  2. Tap your contactless United Bank debit card on the check out terminal.
  3. You’re good to go!

Use your contactless United Bank Visa® debit card wherever you see the contactless symbol.



Debit Card with Chip Technology

Enhanced Fraud Protection
When you use your card at a chip-activated terminal, the embedded chip generates a one-time use code. This code is virtually impossible to counterfeit and helps reduce in-store fraud.

Global Acceptance
More merchants are accepting chip transactions every day. Whether you check out using chip technology or swipe your card, you can pay with confidence wherever Visa Check Cards are accepted.

Easy to Use
Simply swipe your card as you normally would and follow the prompts. If the terminal is chip–activated, it will prompt you to insert the card instead.

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