CDs and CDARs

CDs and CDARs

The Simplest Way to Save Toward Your Goals

Certificate of Deposit

Get peace of mind with assured returns from steady growth. 

Earn a guaranteed return with our Certificates of Deposit (CD). Open online and take advantage of our Digital Rate CDs and rest assured you are earning our best rates available.  With flexible terms ranging from a few months to several years and the peace of mind of FDIC-insured accounts, our CDs are a great way to grow your savings and achieve your financial goals. 

Compare and Open Today

The Digital CD term and rates are available when you open online. Select the term that fits your needs and goals and start earning more with as little as a $500 opening deposit.  CDs are not tied to market variability, so they are a secure and guaranteed way to save. 


Choose the term that is best for you:

TermMinimum Opening DepositAnnual Percentage Yield 
5-Month$5005.00%OPEN NOW
11-Month$5004.75%OPEN NOW
20-Month$5003.75%OPEN NOW
26-Month$5003.00%OPEN NOW
38-Month$5003.00%OPEN NOW
50-Month$5003.00%OPEN NOW


Certificates with a term of three (3) months or greater – Interest will accrue daily and will be compounded quarterly. Interest will be credited to your CD account quarterly. Once your CD matures, you may choose to have the balance transferred to a United Bank Account, make a withdrawal or roll your CD into a Standard CD.  Do nothing, and your CD and accrued interest will automatically roll into a Standard CD at the standard rate of interest paid with the term closest to the initial term at account opening. 

TermMinimum Opening DepositAnnual Percentage Yield
1 Month$5000.25%
2 Month$5000.25%
3 Month$5000.50%
6 Month$5001.75%
1 Year$5002.00%
18 Month$5001.80%
2 Year$5001.80%
30 Month$5001.85%
3 Year$5001.85%
4 Year$5001.90%
5 Year$5001.90%


To learn more or to open a Standard CD, please visit your nearest United Bank branch.  For questions, you can call Customer Care at 800.327.9862.

Why diversify your savings with a CD?

Market Stability

Our CDs offer a fixed rate of return, so you have the peace of mind that comes with a stable, secure investment.

Our Best Rates

With our most competitive rates, you can maximize your return on your investment.

Flexible Terms

Whether you are saving for a specific goal in the near future, saving for retirement, or anything in between, we offer a variety of terms to fit your needs.

Online Convenience

We offer online and mobile banking options that make it easy to open and manage your CD without visiting a branch.

See How Much You Can Earn


For added convenience with FDIC coverage and deposits more than $250,000, you can also choose the Certificate of Deposit Account Registry Service (CDARS®) to consolidate all your CDs on a single streamlined statement. 


Every Account at United Bank Includes These Features and Benefits:

Bank Your Way

Exceptional products and services meet you wherever you are, extending beyond more than 200 full-service United banking locations (many with convenient drive-throughs) to ATMs and online banking. Manage account balances, transfer funds, place stop payments, access eStatements, review your transaction history, and much more.

Easy Ways to Pay

Build up your financial safety net with incentives that put your money to work. Earn higher rates with higher balances.

Safety and Security

United Bank has more than 180 years of experience you can trust to provide peace of mind.

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Minimum balance to open and obtain Annual Percentage Yield (APY) for United Bank's Digital Rate Certificate of Deposit is $500 and maximum amount is $10,000,000.  
FDIC insured up to $250,000.
Annual Percentage Yield (APY) is effective as of %%longDate%%. The annual percentage yield assumes interest earned is credited quarterly and remains on deposit until maturity. APYs are subject to change at any time without notice. A penalty may be imposed for early withdrawal.  APYs shown are available only for personal accounts opened online.  Rates are not guaranteed until the CD is opened. Digital Rate Certificates will renew at the standard rate of interest being paid on standard certificates with the term closest to the term of your certificate, unless you advise otherwise.  Your certificate will continue to renew under these terms.