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QuickPay & ExpressPay

Make a Loan Payment

We make it easy and secure for you to make your own loan payment online with United Bank QuickPay and ExpressPay

Save Yourself Time — Pay Your Loan Online Easily and Securely with QuickPay

  • Pay the amount due or set up automatic recurring payments with ease
  • Payments are processed same-day or pick a date to process payment
  • Manage one or multiple accounts
  • Control payment methods by entering your bank account or debit card only once

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Make your loan payment quickly and easily with ExpressPay

  • No enrollment required
  • You’ll need your account number, note number and your zip code
  • Payments made before 6PM are processed the same day

Personal Loans

Save yourself time by knowing what you’ll need to make a payment:

  • Your account number and note number found on your statement or coupon
  • Preferred method of payment: checking or savings account or debit card account
  • You will need your bank’s routing number for your checking or savings account
  • You will need to enter the expiration and CVV information from your debit card

Frequently Asked Questions

No, neither QuickPay or ExpressPay requires a United Bank Account. Enrolling in QuickPay is separate from United Bank Online Banking. You can pay your United Bank Loan with your bank’s routing and account number or debit card.

Your account number will be listed on your coupon and welcome letter.

You can find your note number on your welcome letter.  If you have a Payment Coupon book, you can also find your note number located on the coupon, a 5 digit number located after your account number.

You can easily find your bank's routing number on any check.  It's the first set of numbers printed on the bottom of your checks, on the left side.  

You can set-up your United Bank Loan payment in YOUR Bank’s Bill Pay and make payments through their online/mobile banking. OR You can call United Bank and set-up an electronic transfer, sometimes called a bank draft from your bank to United Bank. You will need your Bank’s routing number and your account number.


Not at this time. Both are great platforms but QuickPay and ExpressPay do not have a connection with those P2P services.


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