Personal Finance

Personal Finance

Budget, Track, and Create Financial Goals

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Personal Finance

Budget, track and create financial goals

Get a complete picture of your finances anywhere, anytime!

View account balances and transactions from all your financial institutions in one place.  Enroll from Online Banking and access Personal Finance using Online Banking or with our Bank With United mobile app.

Take Control of Your Money

Create monthly budgets based on recent transactions.  You can create a budget from scratch or a budget can be auto-generated to make budgeting easy.

Track Your Spending

Link all of your accounts so you can easily see your spending compared to your income. You also have the ability to see spending trends over time, from 3 months up to 1 year.

Plan for Your Future

See your debts in one place and create a plan to pay them off to help you stay on track and reach your financial goals. Start an emergency fund and then queue up a savings plan for college, a new car or retirement. The earlier you start saving, the better.

Can you reach your financial milestone?

See all your income and expenses on a given day, including future predictions.  

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