Tips on How to Teach Children to Save

Tips on How to Teach Children to Save

12/17/2021 | Savings & Budgeting

Spending and Saving in Early Childhood

Financial education is an important foundation for people of all ages and backgrounds. It’s never too early for children to think about and develop smart savings habits. Discussing how to use money wisely helps provide children with the tools and knowledge they need to make sound financial decisions as they get older.  In honor of Financial Literacy Month and Teach Children to Save Day in April, our bankers and members of our Community Reinvestment Act (CRA) Action Committee shared tips on how you can teach your children to save! 

Pave the Way to a Successful Financial Future

Every year, we team up with the American Bankers Association to organize volunteers to help educate young people, so they can develop saving habits earlier in life.  At United Bank, we are always here to support you and to help your children develop the knowledge, tools and capabilities needed to make informed financial decisions throughout their lives. Here are a few ways you can work as a family to set saving goals and how we can work to explore banking together.


United Bank representatives are happy to arrange a meeting with you and your child to discuss how a bank works, review our different savings and checking account options, provide you with more information on how to save for college and explore setting up a savings account for your child if they do not already have one.  Call your local branch to schedule an appointment.

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