Strengthen Your Financial Fitness

Strengthen Your Financial Fitness

Make a Game Plan for Your Finances with Will Shipley

Make a Game Plan for Your Finances with Will Shipley

On the football field, Will Shipley is known for scoring touchdowns as a Clemson Tiger. Off the field, he is passionate about being involved in his community, including spreading awareness of financial literacy.

United Bank has partnered with Will to help coach you on how you can strengthen your financial fitness. Watch below for his tips on how to develop—and maintain—your financial game plan.

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Make a Financial Game Plan

We want to help you have a winning financial game plan. Listen to Will share tips for creating and sticking to a budget.

How to Improve Your Financial Fitness

These savings strategies are vital and achievable goals for anyone looking to improve their financial health. 

Start Your Game Plan with a Budget

Use our financial calculators for your monthly budgeting and to compare borrowing options.

Win the Game with a Good Credit Score

Maintaining good credit helps you make better choices about your personal finance.

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