Financial Empowerment

Linking dreams of tomorrow with the decision of today.

Money Moves with United offers a tailored approach to financial empowerment. This program will provide student-athletes with relevant, purpose-driven, and accessible content geared toward linking dreams of tomorrow with the decisions of today. It’s never too soon to understand how money moves and the importance of making the right play, at the right time. 

United Bank's Game Plan

Offering sessions for everyone. 

  • Money Moves: The Warmup - Freshman Sessions
  • Money Moves: All In - Athletic Teams Sessions
  • Money Moves: A Different Playing Field - Tiger Impact Sessions

United Bank has partnered with Will Shipley to help coach you on how you can strengthen your financial fitness.  See Will's tips on how to maintain your financial game plan.


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Knowledge is Power

Financial Literacy Vocabulary List


Understanding financial terminology is an essential part of financial literacy. At first, the words might sound like a foreign language. However, getting to know some of the most common personal finance words can help you build a stronger money foundation.


An asset is any resource (tangible or intangible, owned or controlled) that holds value. In other words, assets contain value that can be converted into money. An individual, company, or country can own or control assets, which include things like cash, investments, art, technology, real estate, and intellectual property.

What is a money market account? In simple terms, it’s a deposit account that blends features of a savings account and a checking account. You can deposit money and earn interest on the balance. If you need to withdraw money, you may be able to do so using a linked ATM card or by writing checks. But those withdrawals are not unlimited; banks can still cap you at six withdrawals per month. Also known as MMAs, these accounts are not to be confused with money market funds, a kind of mutual fund.

Time value of money (TVM): is the concept that money available now is worth more than an identical amount in the future. This is because money that’s invested has the potential to grow, and the longer that it’s invested, the more it will appreciate. Money that’s acquired later has less time to grow through investments and is thus considered less valuable.

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