Secure E-mail System

Secure E-mail System

Instructions For Use

United Bank uses a secure e-mail system when discussing private and sensitive information with our customers.

How It Works

Private messages are bundled into a secure and encrypted email that you use a Microsoft account to unlock.

  • Don't have a Microsoft account? Get one here.

How To Open A Secure Message

When you receive a secure e-mail from United Bank:

  1. Open the email and click on "Read the Message" button
  2. Enter your Microsoft account credentials
  3. Read your message

Want To Send Something Securely To Us?

When you want to send something securely to United Bank, you do this by replying to one of our secure e-mail messages.

  1. Open the secure e-mail
  2. Click 'reply' within it
  3. Add the information you want and send


For more detailed instructions, click here.

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