Business Edge

Business Edge

Introducing Business Edge

Business Online Banking is now redesigned to better serve you and your business.

Business Edge is business banking designed digital-first with benefits including a modernized interface that offers a greatly improved user experience, streamlined workflows and effortless integration. Our responsive design lets you access vital business management tools from any device, while streamlined menus, improved navigation and centralized approvals make managing money easier.

Customers will be migrated to Business Edge in waves, with all customers being moved to the new platform by June 14.

If you’d like to migrate early, please contact Treasury Management Operations at 800.615.0112.

Responsive Modern Design

Access your business services on the go from your smartphone or from the office on your computer or tablet and experience a seamless experience.  We adapted a modern user interface that adapts with you wherever you are for an optimal experience.

New Streamlined Menus

The menu has been redesigned and a vertical side panel improves navigation and selection. Streamlined menu options are consolidated for simplified navigation, enhancing user efficiency.

New Centralized Approvals

There is now one approval workspace for transactions, templates and administration with easy access from any page.  You no longer have to manage different approval processes for each task.

Enhanced Search Feature

Improved usability for the enhanced search feature.  The more search criteria you enter, the more refined the search results are. You can select multiple options from a drop-down list to filter results. 

If you have any questions, or would like to migrate early, please call Treasury Management Operations.


Frequently Asked Questions

The User Interface (UI) is changing so the look and feel of the system is will be different. There will be different fonts, icons and buttons to select from. NONE of the functionality of the system will change.

United Bank is also changing the name from Business eBanking to Business Edge.

No, this is a required upgrade.

No, your Company ID, User ID and Password will all remain the same and the login location on the website will not change.

Yes, none of your account access or entitlements will change.

Yes, if you had ACH, Positive Pay, etc. you will still have those services.

The info panels on the dashboard will no longer exist on Business Edge. The Welcome Page will only display a summary of your accounts.

No, your scheduled payments will remain intact.


No. This is not a conversion of data, so all of your history will remain intact.

Currently you go to Transfers & Payments then choose Transfer Money - Internal

In Business Edge you will go to Money Movement then choose Transfer Money

Yes. All of your existing templates and ACH data will remain, the place you go to make a payment will look a little different. On Business Edge you will go to Money Movement then choose ACH and the templates will be listed under Make Payment or Collect Money.

Currently there are separate locations to approve various types of transactions, such as ACH or Wire Transfers. On Business Edge, approvals for all types of transactions have been consolidated and can be accessed from any page by choosing the Approvals button located in the upper-right side of the page.

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