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At United Wealth Management, we are fiduciaries and stewards of your capital – a differentiator within the industry. A fiduciary is a person or entity responsible for acting in the best interests of others.

United Wealth Management takes pride in the fiduciary standard we provide to all clients. Our open architecture investment platform ensures that we always recommend the mix of investment strategies best suited to each client’s unique situation. Likewise, we do not offer proprietary funds, receive revenue sharing or conduct in soft-dollar arrangements. This complete absence of conflicts means that our clients receive unbiased investment advice best suited to meet and exceed their goals.

United Wealth Management’s Investment Committee includes portfolio managers and investment analysts with advanced degrees and certifications (i.e. CFA®, CFP®, MBA and MS). This Investment Committee is supplemented by industry-leading, third-party research and due diligence services that specialize in meeting the unique needs of high net worth individuals, families, institutions and entities.

Our process for delivering customized investment solutions for individuals, families, institutions, and other entities is listed below. To learn more about United Wealth Management’s unique approach, click here.

Wealth Management Investment Process

What You Can Expect
Customized Solutions To Fit Your Needs

As stewards of your capital, we believe that the best source of investment outperformance is capital protection in times of market turmoil. In order to manage risk, we prefer to keep it simple. The core of our portfolio consists of blue-chip companies with a sustainable competitive advantage over the long term. We implement portfolios with a combination of active management and low-cost strategies for equity and fixed income. When appropriate, we incorporate thoughtful use of diversifying and return-enhancing strategies for alternatives and liquid real assets.

We learn about your mission and goals and determine your investment objective. Having a thorough understanding of your risk tolerance and liquidity needs will help us determine the optimal mix for your portfolio. Then, we create a mix of assets to maximize the potential return for your given risk level, strategically allocating them based on your objectives, as well as economic and market conditions.

We keep you informed about the success of the asset plan against your goals. You will have peace of mind knowing that our best-in-class managers monitor a diligently-constructed, diversified portfolio that focuses on downside-risk scenarios. We monitor the market daily for significant changes to the investment landscape, and our Investment Committee meets weekly to review market activity and discuss economic indicators that affect investment performance.  Portfolio managers set long-term strategic allocations for each portfolio based on your unique risk/return objectives and constraints.

Performance reporting, net of fees, is available to every United investment management client. This level of transparency serves as a constant reminder of our commitment to delivering on our promises. 

United considers several distinct issues when selecting a performance benchmark for any given asset style and/or investment manager. All benchmarks should exhibit the following properties:

  • Specified in Advance: The benchmark should be constructed prior to the start of evaluation.
  • Appropriate: The fundamental characteristics of the benchmark should match that of the investment strategy.
  • Measurable: The benchmark provider should regularly publish detailed risk metrics of the benchmark, so the investment manager can compare the actively-managed portfolio risks with the passive benchmark risks.
  • Unambiguous: The names and weights of securities that constitute a benchmark should be clearly defined.
  • Reflect Current Investment Opinion: The benchmark should be relevant in the current capital markets and reflect available investment strategies.
  • Accountable: There is a mutual agreement between the client and the manager on the benchmarks at the outset of the engagement.


Performance against a benchmark should be measured on a risk-adjusted basis. True outperformance occurs when returns are higher than the benchmark while taking risk equal to or less than the underlying benchmark.

You can view your accounts online through United’s secure WebLink portal, which allows 24/7 access to account holdings, daily market values and other critical financial data.

You can invest confidently, knowing that risk management and capital protection are a central focus for our team. To ensure that your assets are well protected at all times, we incorporate strict monitoring and policies from United’s Audit, Legal and Risk Management departments, with an emphasis on asset safe-keeping; extensive due diligence of investment partners; transparent investment structures; comprehensive financial planning; and a conservative portfolio construction process.

We have constructed policies and procedures to review and monitor our external partners, as well as our internal processes, on an ongoing basis.

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