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Treasury Management Services are built to deliver the information and tools needed to speed collections, control payments, reconcile accounts, and manage funds more efficiently.

Treasury Management Services
Tools to enhance your business.

With Information Services from United Bank you get the data and insight you need to make better business decisions. More than raw numbers, we provide tools and analysis to give you a snapshot of where your business stands. Services include:

  • Account Analysis: Capture the average ledger and collected balances, itemized activity charges, the earnings credit rate and allowance, and the balances required to offset all fees.
  • Account Reconcilement: Ease and automation during the monthly reconcilement of higher volume accounts.
  • Business eBanking: View account details, transfer funds, pay bills, set up useful account alerts and much more.
  • Check Imaging: Supplies a monthly digital file of images of checks presented for payment.
  • Controlled Disbursement: Provides an opportunity to project your cash position and maximize your investments on a daily basis.
  • Data Exchange: This unique reporting system will become your single resource to vital financial information needed for daily account reconciliation, cash flow forecasting, and cash positioning.
  • Electronic Data Interchange (EDI): EDI aids your company's accounting department in accurately recording payments by providing the important information attached to ACH payments.
  • Escrow Management: Provides an effective reporting resource specifically designed for escrow deposits that simplify bookkeeping and tax reporting.

View the Master Treasury Management Services Agreement Here.

United Bank Collection Services provide the resources you need to collect and manage all payments:

  • ACH Origination/Direct Collections: United offers two effective methods of creating electronic debit transactions for collecting payments due to your company.
  • Cash Concentration: This automated service uses United Bank’s ACH origination service to consolidate funds from your other bank accounts into your United account.
  • Courier Service: Pick-up times can be conveniently prearranged to suit your business needs and guarantees same-day credit processing to your account increasing your daily cash flow and working capital.
  • Credit Card Processing: United Bank has strategic partnerships with TransFirst and Elavon for all of your credit card processing needs.
  • Lockbox Services: Receivables are mailed directly to United Bank for processing and are deposited into your account. Our service is customizable based on the specific needs and requirements of your organization.
  • Remote Deposit Capture: With a certified scanner and internet connection, you can save time, improve your cash flow, and make check deposits without leaving your office*
  • Wire Transfer: United offers convenience and same-day credit processing to your account. We also utilize added security measures for your account protection.
  • Zero Balance Account Processing: Offers automated transfers between zero balance and master accounts providing consolidation and collection of funds. This automated process eliminates the need for manual transfers of funds between accounts.

*Certified scanners available through United Bank, minimum hardware requirements apply.

United Bank also makes it simple and easy for your business to make payments through a number of Disbursement Services:

  • ACH Origination/Direct Payments: United offers two effective methods of creating electronic credit transactions for making your company’s payments.
  • Automated Funding of Demand Deposit Accounts: Offers automated transfers between commercial lines and demand deposit accounts providing working capital for your day to day operations, eliminating the need for manual transfers of funds between accounts.
  • Automated Payment of Commercial Loans and Lines: Offers automated transfers between demand deposit account and commercial loans reducing overfunding of accounts and interest expense.
  • Purchasing/Corporate Credit Cards: A complete and comprehensive procurement solution that can be tailored to your company's specific requirements.
  • Electronic Tax Payment Services: You will have complete control in the timing and disbursement of your federal and state tax requirements.
  • VISA® Business Check Cards: Provides convenience and flexibility to our small business clients and authorized signers as compared to traditional business checks.
  • Wire Transfer: United offers convenience and same-day funds processing for domestic and international wires in foreign currency or USD. We also utilize added security measures for your account protection.
  • Zero Balance Account Processing: Offers automated transfers between zero balance and master accounts providing consolidation and collection of funds. This automated process eliminates the need for manual transfers of funds between accounts.

United Bank Investment Services provide numerous options for investing and managing your funds:

  • Certificate of Deposit: No matter if your investment requirements are short-term or long-term, we offer a maturity that can match your cash flow needs.
  • Certificate of Deposit Account Registry Service(CDARS®): For our clients exceeding traditional FDIC insurance limits, CDARS is a safe, convenient service through which we place your large CD deposits into smaller-denomination CDs at multiple institutions. You can manage all of your CD investments through United Bank and a monthly consolidated statement is provided detailing the issuing banks, maturity dates, interest rate, and interest earned year-to-date.
  • Money Market Account: An exceptionally attractive choice offering liquidity and convenience by providing a monthly statement and the ability to transfer funds via check, phone or online banking.
  • Insured Cash Sweep (ICS): The best of both worlds – access to multi-million-dollar FDIC insurance and the ability to sweep excess cash out of United accounts into fully FDIC-insured money market or demand deposit accounts.

Protect your accounts and your business with Fraud Management services from United Bank:

  • ACH Fraud Prevention: ACH Fraud Controls are an effective method of protecting your company from unauthorized ACH transactions. United Bank offers two options for monitoring and preventing ACH transactions: ACH Positive Pay, which allows you to decide whether to pay ACH debits that post to your account; and ACH Block, which will prevent all ACH credits and/or debits from posting to your account by any originator.
  • Positive Pay: Provides protection against unauthorized check presentments. All checks presented for payment, including duplicate checks, are cross-referenced using the check serial number and amount against your previously submitted check issue information. Payee Positive Pay is a new feature of Positive Pay that adds an extra layer of security and can help detect false or altered payee names on checks.
  • Fraud Monitoring and Prevention: We utilize fraud monitoring systems to identify suspicious transactions deemed to be outside of the normal activity of our client's accounts. Suspicious transactions are identified based on a number of factors including account history and account type. Any transactions flagged as exceptions will be intercepted and reviewed by our Security and Fraud Department using signature verification, comparison to other items, and, if necessary, further research conducted by the home branch. If a transaction is confirmed as fraudulent, it will be returned to prevent any loss to our client.

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