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Excellence in Service

At United, we value all of the relationships we have built since 1839.  We are committed to providing each relationship with an unmatched level of service. While we offer competitive products, services, rates and technology, the level of service we provide and our commitment to building relationships is what sets us apart from our competitors. 

United isn't just growing to get bigger.  We are growing to satisfy the continued demand for a bank that focuses on service.  With 211 full-service banking locations, 19 loan origination offices and over 3,000 employees, our mix of competitive products, combined with a high level of service and a focus on relationships is an overwhelming value proposition for our customers.

United is backed by a history of safe, sound and secure banking practices that have allowed us to navigate through decades of changing economic environments.  Because of this, our employees, customers, shareholders and communities can rely on us to be their banking partner for decades to come.

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Our Philosophy
Financially strong. Service oriented.

The mission of United Bankshares, Inc. is excellence in service to our employees, our customers, our shareholders and our communities.

United’s vision is to be one of the highest performing banking companies among the fifty largest in the United States.

We do what is right for our employees, our customers, our shareholders and our communities – 100% of the time. 

Hard Work
We strive to out-perform our competition with diligence, efficiency and accuracy.

We work together to accomplish our company’s vision, mission and our customer’s financial goals.

We display kindness and respect to each other and our customers.

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